About Us

ChickFlick started with a 17-year old girl making her own accessories in her room as a hobby. When her friends kept on asking for their own bracelets and necklaces, she decided to turn it into a small business. 

The girl realized that she had an eye for what looks good. And so what began as a small box of trinkets grew into shelves of clothes and racks of shoes. ChickFlick built its reputation for fashionable finds and affordable items through joining several bazaars. Eventually, ChickFlick was able to find its home at the Good Shepherd Bazaar: 

Keeping pace with the trends and interests of women, ChickFlick decided to explore the world of fitness and wellness. Now, ChickFlick also offers authentic waist trainers that help women achieve their body goals, slimmer figures and perfectly hourglass-shaped bodies. A wide selection of waist trainers, i.e., 9-Boned Latex, 24-Boned Corset, 25-Boned Latex, Vest Type Latex and 24-Boned Overbust (a ChickFlick EXCLUSIVE item), cater to all types of women, from those with an active lifestyle and those who look to develop an hourglass shape.

Consistent with ChickFlick's goal of offering the best products at the best prices, ChickFlick's authentic waist trainers remain to be the LOWEST-PRICED AUTHENTIC WAIST TRAINERS online. 

ChickFlick, where fashion and fitness collide.