What is the best waist trainer for me?

All our waist trainers are guaranteed effective. In choosing a waist trainer, you should consider your lifestyle/ everyday activities and what you want to achieve. All waist trainers trim the midsection and enhance the curves. However, each a different purpose. 


9-Boned Latex (BEST SELLER) and Vest-Type Latex

These types of waist trainers focus more on trimming the midsection. We recommend these products who move and/ or bend a lot. Best for those who workout and have a generally active daily routine (e.g., nurses, commuters, etc...) These waist trainers are also best for new mommies who wish to get rid of their post-partum fats, as other types of waist trainers may be too tight for moving around and breast-feeding. 

Meanwhile, the Vest-Type Latex is best for those who are conscious of their back fats.


24-Boned Corset

This product focuses more on shaping and creating an hourglass shape. Instead of using hooks, corsets are adjusted using a lace for maximum tightening. We recommend this item for those who wish to have a curvier and sexier figure. 


25-Boned Latex

This waist trainer combines the benefits of a 9-Boned Latex waist trainer and a 24-Boned Corset. However, this creates more restriction of movement. We recommend this item for those who want to achieve that hourglass figure and at the same time trim down the midsection. Because of the added restriction, this is not advisable for working out. 

This can also be worn post-partum. But keep in mind that it will be harder (compared to wearing a 9-Boned Latex waist trainer instead) to move around and take care of your baby while wearing it.